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    WHM - Reseller Question

    Is there any way i can edit my DNS Zones or domains A entries or set a default nameserver through my reseller account?

    The features under DNS i have are:

    Edit Zone Templates (3 sub-categories)
    -Standard - used for creating a the default zone on a new account and parked/addon domains
    -Simple - used for creating a zone with only an A entry for the domain.
    -StandardVirtualFTP - used for creating a the default zone on a new account with a virtual ftp ip

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    You need to have permission to edit dns zone files of all domains under your reseller domain. Normaly there will be persmission.

    If you don't have 'Edit dns zone' feature under your DNS functions ,, you need to contact your server owner(support) to get this.

    You can also have default nameserver , tell the hosting company to set default nameservers for you.

    It is set under Reseller accounts -> select the reseller domain -> edit privileges/nameserver.
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