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    Moving files to new Windows Server


    I am moving all sites on windows server to new server.

    All site files are in folder c:\domains, how do i move all files to new server ?

    On Linux, i can use rsync to do the data transfer between server.

    The size of folder is 10 GB +

    How do i move the folder to new server ?



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    are u using some kind of control panel plesk or helm ?

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    create a FTP account on the new server and dump it over. Windows are troublesome when trying to shift files.

    If the server is within the network, you can open up file sharing
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    I have HELM control panel on server. I can restore the files, that is not a problem. Only problem is moving files from one server to another.

    Both servers are in ThePlanet. I have never tried "file sharing" between servers. Can i do this ? Like sharing domains folder in OLD server and access it in new server and copy it ?

    Any rsync equivalent for windows ? that way it can sync changes between the folders ?

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    easy then.. use win rar to archive your files and move it to a http location. Download it in to the new server . Helm restoration requires all files to be restored, as in the old server to be able to use the restoration tools. ....

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    Thanks activelobby4u, i know how to restore data and helm db as i have done this before.

    Hope ZIP and transfer files is the easy way to go. I was loking for some thing like rsync so i can do a re-sync so i can move newly uploaded files also.

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    We just used FTP when we moved the domains over. And we used an FTP program like CoreFTP. Using Internet Explorer, the pages just kept timing out. I don't know if Helm 4 added something perhaps or made it easier. You might check their forums as well. They might even have an add-in

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    Windows has a similar feature called "RoboCopy". This is a command line tool which can help syncronize/copy files between servers. The main advantage of using this tool is that it also preserves NTFS permissions while the files and folders are copied. I always prefer to use this when we are migrating servers.

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    if both the servers can be accessed using the UNC path, you may browse to the old server and copy of the files to the new server after you have restored the domain entries using the HRT.
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