North Central hosting offers reliable hosting based in the United States. Our shared plans start at 4.99 and come with ample space and bandwidth.

Shared Hosting Plans
S1 Plan
5 GB Space
60 GB Bandwidth

S2 Plan

7 GB Space
100 GB Bandwidth

S3 Plan

9 GB Space
110 GB Bandwidth

S4 Plan
12 GB space
140 GB Bandwidth

Reseller Plans

R1 Plan

10 GB Space
220 GB Bandwidth

R2 Plan

12 GB Space
110 GB Bandwidth
R3 Plan
17 GB Space
370 GB Bandwidth

R4 Plan
22 GB Space
470 GB Bandwidth

Q: How can you afford to offer such high space and bandwidth?
A: All of the servers we order have a decent sized hard drive and high bandwidth allotments. Your space is your space at NCH. We operate the same way the travel industry does when booking your flight actually. We anticipate a 10% no-show rate, so we will sell that extra plan to account or from time to time sponsor a website.

To break it down servers have 250 GB Hard drives. So far this averages out to about 30-35 clients per server. As a business major, I can tell you that I see a lot of companies operating under unsafe business practices. They overcrowd there servers to make an excess of 100% profit on each server, then wonder why their servers are down and they get horrible reviews. We operate at a 10% profit rate, plain and simple. Once we have reached that 10% profit rate on a server (which means translates to them being at sold capacity) we start putting clients on a new server

One of the things we decided when forming the company was we would try from day one to satisfy the customer. Lets face it, hardware is hardware. Your experience with your host should be a good one. Short of taking you out for a drink on the weekends, we are there for you.

Q: Can I host Warez?
A: If I said yes, I might as well just put my hands out for the cuffs. Hosting Warez in the United States is ILLEGAL. If your website is found to be hosting warez, it’s terminate without a second though.

Q: Can I host torrent trackers?
A: Yes, as long as you don’t host the actual files (See: Warez). Despite the RIAA’s best efforts it is not yet illegal to refer to sites that may offer “questionable” material.

Q: What if I want more space?
A: If you know you need more space than we offer, e-mail us before you order and we will be happy to accommodate you. It’s just a simple quick calculation on our part to slightly adjust the rate you see.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept personal checks (US Only), money orders, and paypal. We prefer paypal as it is the most secure medium for you and us

Q: Do you sell dedicated servers?
A: Yes! Our dedicated server hosting has just started, see our website for more details.


Server Information:

Intel P4 3.0 Dual Core 930
2 GB Ram
Located in Chicago, IL
Test IP:
Test file:

If you have an questions or comments feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]