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    I need low diskspace, 100GB+/month bandwidth hosting with PHP and MySQL

    Hi, I'm in need of webhosting for a moderate traffic (currently 40GB/month, but growing rapidly) web site with minimal (<20MB) storage requirements. I need PHP4 or PHP5 and MySQL4 as well. Subdomains would be preferable and FTP is required. A free domain would be preferable as well. I'm considering the following two, if you have any experience with either let me know, also I'm open to suggestions...

    PS: The hosting MUST be extremely reliable The Personal Plan ($5.00/mo)

    or the Business Plan ($6.95/mo)

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    Those places there if you'd like a free'd have to pay yearly.These days domains come as low as 8 dollars or even lower..Most places offer a free domain on yearly hosting..only.20mb storage and 100gb bandwidth?that doesnt match up.If your site is growing...don't you think you'd need more diskspace?
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    No, I'm hosting a small amount of content for download (Nothing illegal), but it is a dynamically generated and cached file (using PHP/MySQL), the file itself is around 2MB, but my custom script takes up some space

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    Oh ok,So I guess you do need that amount thats weird.

    what plan did you have before?
    The plans you're showing will charge you yearly not monthly but thats what they charge you in the yearly price.

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    I currently have a custom plan (web host friend ) with 1GB of space and 50GB of bandwidth, but as my usage is approaching 45GB of bandwidth, I need to consider upgrading.

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    Did you try searching through the shared and reseller offers forum?

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    No I haven't...There are so many forums and sub-forums at this site >.<

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    I've been a member here for a while and I must say that the offers will help you more then this section will because you know what you want.

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    Alright, thanks for your help

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    You're welcome

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    What's the budget?

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    About $10/month max. Give or take a few dollars.

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    You can use the Find a Host -> Host Quote button in the top right of this page to submit a request to hosts, you'll find many will be willing to offer you a custom package.

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    Alright, I'll check that out, thanks.

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    In your friend's webhost, the script was running fine, or it had heavy usage (on apache or sql)?

    There are lots of webhosts offering tons of bandwith BUT the important isn't that. Because your site is completely dynamic, does it use lots of cpu time? Many sql concurrent connections?
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    It's not too heavy on the CPU, as it draws from a cache which is only updated every 2hrs. As for SQL connections, I'm not entirely sure, maybe 10-20 at a time. Not too heavy. Yes it's running fine on my current host, except I'm running out of bandwidth, and he cannot offer me more.

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    Have you looked at

    They have been offering redundant clustered setup in both shared/reseller hosting, as well as ready made cluster.
    And their shared hosting plan has unmetered bandwidth.

    If the process updating your cache is too heavy, you may have to adjust it (split the steps, change the design, etc), though.

    Extremely high reliability under $10 is hard to get, especially combined with big bandwidth, IMO.
    If you find one, please let me know.

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    Yep I looked at I'm not really comfortable with their vague language about "a lot of resources", if the update process for the cache wasn't so intensive, I wouldn't hesitate though.

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    If your updates don't have to happen in one shot, it's not difficult to split tasks and make it less intense.

    As you mentionned periodic updates, I'm gussing that you would use cron or something. Is it right?
    Then it's very easy to modify the script to do it in steps, most probably.

    Also, why not testing?
    They provide money back guarantee, too.
    So, I would just talk to them with the intention so that everyone knows each party is doing and run the update to see if it's acceptable for them or not.

    I would pick a few hosts and test them one by one, or side by side, to see and compare.

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    No I don't use cron. It updates on user request if the database hasn't been updated in the last two hours

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    Oh, I see.

    You can still split.
    But before to worry too much, I would try some hosts.
    If it's too heavy for all of them, maybe you can start thinking about optimizing/modifying.

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    Yeah perhaps. It's not massive but it's enough that with iWeb's vague language I get concerned.

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    You can ask them in their forum and/or other means of contact, or the CEO? of iweb may come and explain to us about that 2% thing.
    I was wondering about that one, a bit , too.
    But I thought I will find out when I get my account next year.

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