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    Transfer Accounts From Old Directadmin Server to New Server

    I need someone to transfer all the accounts from my old directadmin server to my new one. Please email me with

    Price to transfer all of them
    When you can do it
    How long it will take

    I will pay VIA PayPal.

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    Regards, Rumi
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    As you've blocked emails from board members and haven't provided an email address contact, you may want to update this thread or allow emails through your wht profile.

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    A few questions for everyones clarification:

    1) How many accounts?
    2) Speed of connection on both servers?
    3) What is the total approximate size of the data being transferred?
    4) An alternate contact method?

    I also would be interested in taking this on but can't provide a timeline or quote until I get this info.


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    Hello ,

    I agree with "yourwayit" , You need to provide us information asked so that we can quote you the approx answers for your queries.

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