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    Samsung Presents First Fuel Cell Laptop

    article source:

    article synopsis:

    Samsung claims that the fuel cell offers an energy density of 650Wh/L, which is about four times as much as competing offerings. The total energy storage is an impressive 12,000Wh which, depending on the laptop's power settings and usage could theoretically power the laptop continuously for a whole month without the need for recharging.

    The South Korean electronics giant made the demonstration on its Sense Q35 laptop. Assuming a laptop usually runs for eight hours a day five days a week, the fuel cell can operate it for a month.

    The fuel cell system is also said to be very quiet, the level of noise emitted being close to an actual laptop. Although fuel cell batteries have been demonstrated before, the mass production was hindered by the noise and the dimensions and weight of such devices, which would cancel the notion of “portability” for laptops. Samsung is also prepping a mini version of the fuel cell which uses around a coffee cup's worth of fuel, but can still power a laptop for over 15 hours.

    Samsung plans to mass-produce the new energy system sometimes at the end of 2007, when all the safety standards are ready.
    I always think of exploding fuel cells because of T3

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    This should be good for the future of Notebook Gaming.

    8 Video Cards!

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    if fuel cells are cheap they can be used for alternative electric energy source.

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    I gotta get me one of those, my laptop has a battery life of 1 1/2 hours

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    That would be sweet, a month of battery, I want one

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    Late additional Christmas gifts, i like it!

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    I'd rather see a battery maintaining a somewhat more "normal" charge, based on the new super-capacitors they've been talking about (the ones based on carbon nanotubes). One that would only retain a few hours of charge, but use simple carbon to produce, would be virtually indestructible, and be able to charge to full in a matter of seconds/minutes.

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    The article doesn't say what type of fuel cell techology Samsung will use in their new laptops. It depends on which one will be used, refueling/recharing fuel cells can be difficult. One question though, how do you refuel/recharge different types of fuel cell technology discussed in the article?

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    There's a good article in Wired magazine that talks about battery technology:
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