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Thread: DOS attack

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    DOS attack

    someone attack my server with DOS attack

    what the sloution?? firewall ?? and if firewall the server provider provide

    Cisco ASA - 10Mbps Hardware Firewall
    Cisco ASA - 100Mbps Hardware Firewall
    Cisco ASA - 1000Mbps Hardware Firewall

    also my server on 1000MBps connection

    is there any good sloution?
    never ever try ThePlanet they r the worst with the most bad tech support

    when i asked for new server they reload the os in my old server !!!! and they sorry its not our job to loss ur data its your fault why you dont backup it !!!

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    Eh typed up a nice response and lost it

    We need more information, what type of DDoS and how much BW is it / how much traffic does your site get?

    Most DDoS won't really be helped by a firewall like that.
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    Is this just a DoS attack or did you mean DDoS?

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    Have a look at IntruGuard. They have been advertising on this site.

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    I tried adding one of those firewalls at softlayer, it can help for example if you block certain protocols on certain ports the dos cant get through to be dropped at your server, for port 80 and ports you use you can ban the range.

    But the ones at softlayer have no other modules, they are simply a firewall, there is no console access, limited rules, and was just a waste of money for me. the reason i got them in the first place was someone was sending udp floods on port 80 which was being dropped at my firewall yet it was still consuming bandwidth.

    But for your average syn flood them firewalls are no help, they would be if they had the security plus package but they do not. Well you can null route attacked ips with It though so it doesnt affect the rest of your server, so thats a help sometimes

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