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  1. Unique Hosting Template - Only at WHT

    This is a template that I created. It has never been online before and is only for auction here at

    This template auction includes:
    - All Rights to Template
    - Resell Rights
    - All PSD files
    - Logo included
    - Minor Customizations By Creator


    All text and packages are easily adaptable to your company's needs.

    The auction will start $10 USD and is to increase in increments of atleast $2.50.
    There will be no BIN on this template. The auction ends December 30th at 12:00 PM.

    Enjoy bidding on this custom design and any questions will be happily answered.
    Andrew R. Halligan - Co-Owner/Founder

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    Ill bid 10
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  3. I just wanted to mention that payment is accepted by paypal and that this template will never be sold again. Thanks and Happy Bidding!
    Andrew R. Halligan - Co-Owner/Founder

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    I bid $12.50

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    I bid $15.00

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    I bid $17.50

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    Mine for $22.95

  8. Bidding is going well. Just as a reminder the auction ends at 12:00 (GMT -05:00 ) Eastern Time (Canada & US). Thanks and good luck.
    Andrew R. Halligan - Co-Owner/Founder

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    Bidding $25.00 here.

  10. I was reading over my posts and realized that the time remained still rather unclear. It is 11:59 PM Midnight Eastern GMT on the 30th of December 2006. Happy bidding and good luck!
    Andrew R. Halligan - Co-Owner/Founder

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    I'll bid $30

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    We bid $50.00
    Online power for online people!

  13. Well that concludes the bid for this template. I would like to thanks all of the people that took the time to bid and I will now be going through with the transaction. I am likely to contact the winner via PM and any other method listed. If a offer falls through I will contact others in order of highest bid. Thanks again.
    Andrew R. Halligan - Co-Owner/Founder

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