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    We are selling Entertaining offers range. $X,XXX - $XX,XXX

    Name has been around since 1996

    Name is at Go Daddy

    It does not get much easier to brand than this. AUTO TALK

    Obviously the person that purchases this domain can do anything they like with it. But if you are interested in having an Auto Related product or forum there are many things we can do for you. We own and a network of Auto Auction web properties.

    PM me for details as I do not want to discuss in a public forum. I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised by how we can work with you on

    The reason for even letting it go comes down to our focus and time.

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    Real nice name... good luck!

    But your link didn't work -- TRY THIS LINK

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    Thank you for correcting that link.

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    I have a gentleman in Canada that would like to go half and half on which would be $2.5k each.

    If you are interested in doing something like that please contact me via PM and I will get you two connected so you could decide if it was a good fit.

    P.S. He is very Auto minded person and has many connections to car clubs.

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    Is this sold? I was watching it on ebay but now its gone.

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    Hi internext, I have a sale pending. I will keep you heads up if it does not go through. Thanks, Dan

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