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    anyone have exp. w/ visual studio creating proj. on website?

    Using visual studio (v basic or C#) you can create either a web application or web service. My web hosting service is and I'm having trouble creating projects. The help on IE says:

    "Before you can manage files and folders on a Web server, the Web server must support Web folders, which require the Web Extender Client (WEC) protocol and Front page extensions, or the WebDAV protocol and IIS, and you must have read and write access to the Web server. Contact your network administrator for information about available Web servers and how to access them."

    I guess I should call and ask 'em but I wondered if anyone knew of a good web hosting service that provided these (assuming that's my problem). I've heard not so good things about even tho I've been with them for 6 years, so I'm thinking about changing.

    I could provide more details about the problems I've seen. I've asked around on where I'm a member and haven't had much luck in solving my problem.


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    I think there is an option in VS to use FTP instead of WebDav. I think you need to use this.

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