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    Shopping Cart Software w/User Review Module

    Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a shopping cart, and one feature that's very important to me is a good solid user review module. Basically, I want users to be able to post reviews of products, preferably with the ability to rate multiple attributes (i.e. ease of use, cost benefit, etc.). All the big stores have user review capabilities, but I'm having a really hard time finding shopping cart software that offers this. Aside from OSC/Zen Cart, and similar, are there any others that have a good user review system? A shopping cart design similar to would be my dream. Any suggestions whether free or not? Thanks.

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    The closest you can get for free to Circuit City would be osCommerce, if you need something exactly like them you will need a programmer to do it for you, they paid tens of thousands for their system to be as good as it is at the moment.
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    WBPro is right - OSCommerce is your best bet if you're looking at a no initial costs solutions. But its review system is very basic - users simply write a text review and that's all. If you want it customised to the level that you mentioned, you will have to hire a programmer off someplace like to do it for you. Most shopping cart systems out there don't have a review system that does as much as you want.

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