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    Hi all,

    Okay, so I started this as a part time hobby, plus the wife left work at that point and I thought it would be a great project for her. Problem is, its taken off and is much bigger than I can really want! The business was started on December the first and gained a huge momentum overnight. The business involves selling a hand-held Linux console called the GP2X. Its a great device and has been a huge hit in Europe and Asia, the US is now getting to know this device and the potential sales could be huge (50k so far have been sold). Details are below of how much I spent and how much I made, please note, this is not a get rich quick scheme, turnkey, or anything similar, its a proper business which you need to purchase stock for.

    Started December the 1st 2006
    Sold one hundred consoles in the run up to Christmas, after Christmas, it looks like about two a day (I had to stop the adwords as I am the UK at the moment and can't really ship them).
    98% of my customers have been very happy and have enjoyed fast shipping, around 35% have said they will be purchasing more in the New Year (including one gentleman wanting 10 units). One customer had a broken unit (not happy) and the other was just a complete ***.
    Advertising costs have been around $480 USD in Google Adwords
    I have made around $4500 to 5000 USD in one month selling these (less advertising costs), Christmas was a big money maker however more and more people are getting to know about this device.
    I have had a couple of Podcasts advertising the site and a major tech review site which will have there review in the next week or so.
    I am also getting involved with the developers, we already have one game dedicated to us.
    Currently 4406 Unique Visitors to the site (1.42GB band width)
    I have a very good relationship with the manufacturer and they are not keen on taking new US distributors.

    The website was a template which we purchased, the rest of the work was me in my spare time.

    Why I am selling ~ again, its the time issue. I work full time (60+ hours) with my other on-line business and my wife has just got a new job. It is not too time consuming though, just needs someone who can spare a few hours boxing them up and pushing it a little on the forums each day. The more work you put in, the more sales you get, simple! I wanted to sell two or three a week, not per day!

    I know this is a new business, so I know I am not going to get a fortune for this. I am either looking for a $ USD amount or someone who wants to trade there other (less demanding) website. I am looking for an honest person to take over and take care of the current customers, I like to keep everyone happy!

    You will need a PayPal merchant account, this is running off of the back of my other business, so thats one thing you will need!

    If you want more details on actual money values (how much they are to buy, money I make, shipping costs, etc) I can send them to you. Along with PayPal screen shots and access to the stats pages.

    Best Regards

    Richard Burgess

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    i love the gp2x <3, and I wouldnt mind getting more info about the website

    Happy new year btw
    Systems Developer/Programmer

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    please PM details -
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