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    * [UK] Windows Server 2003 Hosting **25% FOR LIFE** NOW From 0.75 per month

    We are entirely UK Based with Servers based in the London Docklands at RedBus Interhouse - Meridian Gate London II.

    All of our hosting accounts are on Windows Server 2003 running IIS6 with the latest version of HELM control panel v3.2.10 installed.

    We aim to provide a 99.95% uptime - last month was 100%!!

    - 25% Off For LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you will always have this discount as long as you are a customer)

    Our Packages:

    200MB Diskspace
    5GB Bandwidth per month
    1 Domain Hosted
    1 Sub-Domain
    2 MySQL 4 Database
    2 MySQL 5 Database
    6 POP3 Accounts with IMAP and Webmail
    4 FTP Accounts
    Monthly: 1.00 per month
    Yearly: 10.00 per year

    NOW 0.75 per Month or 7.50 per Year

    300MB Diskspace
    10GB Bandwidth per month
    2 Domain Hosted
    3 Sub-Domain
    4 MySQL 4 Databases
    4 MySQL 5 Databases
    20 POP3 Accounts with IMAP and Webmail
    6 FTP Accounts
    Monthly: 2.00 per month
    Yearly: 20.00 per year

    NOW 1.50 per Month or 15.00 per Year

    500MB Diskspace
    15GB Bandwidth per month
    3 Domain Hosted
    5 Sub-Domain
    6 MySQL 4 Databases
    6 MySQL 5 Databases
    1 MSSQL 2005 Database
    25 POP3 Accounts with IMAP and Webmail
    10 FTP Accounts
    Monthly: 3.00 per month
    Yearly: 30.00 per year

    NOW 2.25 per Month or 22.50 per Year

    800MB Diskspace
    20GB Bandwidth per month
    5 Domain Hosted
    10 Sub-Domain
    8 MySQL 4 Databases
    8 MySQL 5 Databases
    2 MSSQL 2005 Databases
    40 POP3 Accounts with IMAP and Webmail
    20 FTP Accounts
    Monthly: 4.00 per month
    Yearly: 40.00 per year

    NOW 3.00 per Month or 30.00 per Year

    1000MB Diskspace
    25GB Bandwidth per month
    10 Domain Hosted
    15 Sub-Domain
    10 MySQL 4 Databases
    10 MySQL 5 Databases
    4 MSSQL 2005 Databases
    60 POP3 Accounts with IMAP and Webmail
    30 FTP Accounts
    Monthly: 5.00 per month
    Yearly: 50.00 per year

    NOW 4.75 per Month or 47.50 per Year

    To qualify for this offer you must submit a ticket to the helpdesk with the following code:
    25%offforlife and you account number the appropriate credit will be applied to your account in order for you to get your 25% off for life offer!

    Custom plans are also available, so if any of the above plans are not quite what you require please contact us and we will accomodate your needs!

    Standard Features:

    Scripting & Databases:
    PHP 4 and 5 installed, ASP, ASP.NET 1.1 & 2.0, Perl/CGI, MySQL 4 and 5, MS-SQL 2005 (MS-SQL is available on Gold and Platinum packages as standard and on other packages as an added extra)

    For a full features list for each package please visit:

    For a Control Panel demo please visit:
    Username: PGHOSTDEMO
    Password: pghostdemo

    NO HIDDEN COSTS!! Can be paid via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Cheque (UK Only) or Postal Order (UK Only)

    Instant account creation on sign up and if you pay via Paypal account is ready to use immediately.

    Online Support Forum, Helpdesk, Live Help, Email support, Telephone Support available to ALL customers.
    - UK Based Windows Server 2003 Hosting -
    Helpdesk, Support Forums and Live Help

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    in 2.0 are ODBC and SMTP drivers allowed to connect to external ips?

    for example will this line work:
    OdbcConnection c = new OdbcConnection("MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};Server=;Database=test;uid=root;pwd=root");
    where is the ip to my mysql database in say Australia.

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