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    Small VPS search

    Ok, I know this may sound odd, but I really don't need much

    1. I am looking for a VPS located in the USA. Preferably in the middle states (so it can cater to all over the USA easily).
    2. Must be Windows, it can be Windows 2003 web edition.
    3. I only need 50MB <-- Yes, that is megabytes. Most of the data will be stored on a external MSSQL connection.
    4. I also need the ability to set my ODBC settings for MSSQL 2005 connections.
    5. Data transfer of 300GB a month (to start), with option to upgrade as needed. If it's possible to get a 10mbit cap, that would rule as well

    I truly don't need much. CPU allotment of between 1.7 - 2ghz would do.

    If you know of anybody that is able to do such a configuration, that would be wonderful. What would this be used to run? A game I am developing
    1. Mmmmm food...

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    My suggestion would be to send a custom vps quote request to the leading VPS providers.

    Good luck.

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