My name is Julio E. Montolio and I need a script completed with the below features. I must be straight forward and admit if it is easier for you to get a premade script and modify it with the below features by all means. What ever is easier for you and gets the job done.

Please review the details and contact me with a qoute.

Contact information:

AIM: Fluid2112
Email: [email protected]

PM me or Post in this thread.

This script is going to be similar to a Freelance service site. Except its for homeowners and contractors. Below is a description.


Front End Features:

Customer/Homeowner (Requesting Job) *100% Free to home owner.

- Registration Form

- Control Panel
- Edit Profile (Full Name, Address, Contact Information, Email, Change Password)
- Add Property (Add Properties in which the Construction Job will take place - Ability to keep
Different properties on record and able to Edit/Or delete in the future)

Buyer/Contractor (Being Sent the job): Pays Per Lead

- Registration Form (Business Address, Contractor License, Insurance Check Box, Specialty ex: Electrician, Finishing Carpenter, etc)

- Control Panel
- Edit Profile (Company Address, Contact Information, Email, Change Password)
- Add Specialty (Add or Remove Specialties)
- Keep Track of leads they have purchased

How it works:

The Customer (Homeowner) Registers and Posts a Job in a specific category. For Example, the homeowner wants to re-do the kitchen this specific homeowner will post his job in “Kitchen Remodeling”. Now this job will be forwarded to the Email of the Contractors as a “lead”. Every Contractor with the Specialty of “Kitchen Remodeling” will be sent a preview of this lead. The lead preview will contain the Job Description BUT not the homeowners information. Out of all the Contractors with Kitchen Remodeling as their specialty only the first 5 to buy the lead will get the full information. After 5 Contractors have bought the lead the lead will then be unavailable. The payment will be turnkey - Contractor Pays the lead they get the lead. Once the contractor pays the lead the complete lead will be sent to him via Email and he can view it from his Control Panel.

After this is done it is up to the Homeowner and Contractor to discuss details. Not done through our website.

Back End Features:

- View All Members
- Ability to Delete Members and Ban Contractors
- View All Transactions
- Full Tracking of the leads paid for.
- Add Categories for homeowners to post jobs in and specialties for contractors to claim.
- Cancel Homeowners Posts