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    Exclamation Anyone ever see this process before?

    Seeing a process I have never seen before on a couple of accounts. Has anyone ever seen this process before? I'm sure its a hack but I cant find anything out of the norm.

    Top Process%CPU 97.2[v6]
    Top Process%CPU 97.1[v6]
    Top Process%CPU 97.0[v6]

    The only script the account is running is the latest IPB with all patches installed.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    No one? Well anyways, looks like it had something to do with a group of Turkish Hackers calling themselves a "security team". I call them morons but whatever floats their boats I guess.

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    Anyone seen what process? You didn't say!

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    We've seen that v6 process before, it is an exploit. You need to get it cleaned and your server secured. |
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    Try running RootKit Revelar from SysInternals. Also try

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    [v6] is generally "just" a php exploit. Whiel you may be rooted chances are you are not. If you look in ps -auxf for the nobody user, or at each user if you run phpsuexec, you should be able to find the process running.
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