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    Web Designer(s) Needed


    I have a sudden need for various designs to accomodate various projects that I have both developed, and am currently developing. As some people may now know, I've taken on some VERY large projects - and design is one aspect of the web I'm not too good at.

    I need quotes for the following, please give me a direct quote - I will not stand for any unknown price hikes without cause or reason.

    Media Stream
    - Think YouTube, but more advanced, and way more flashy.

    Web Services
    - A flashy "Web 2.0" design, incorporating shared hosting, VPS, dedicated services, media streaming, DNS services, email services, SMS aggregation, and much more besides.

    All projects are paid upon completion, when I am happy with the product. Payment can be made via Paypal, Check, Bank Transfer or eGold.

    I have a high enough budget that I'm not looking for "cheap tat" or blatant ripoffs.
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    If I understood you right,

    Media Stream - $700 for coded design

    Web Services - $500 for coded design for portfolio. Thanks!

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