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    two server located at two datacenter

    can I do thinks like this?

    one server (server 1) located at dc 1
    another server (server 2) located at dc 2 points to server 1 points to server 2 points to server 1

    My control panel is Cpanel/WHM located on server 2, server 1 is a bare server without any control panel.

    How can I do that? thanks.
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    If server 1 hosts your domain then in WHM just add a dns zone for server 2's ip for (I don't think it's possible with directories) then upload the news items on server 2. - Performance should be noticeable - VPS Hosting at its best. - Affordable & Reliable Shared & Master Reseller hosting services

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    You could always do a redirect. What are you trying to accomplish by using two servers?

    As SelectByte pointed out, you can also use hostnames. If you are trying to get some sort of HA of failover capability, then you'll need an entirely different approach.
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