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    Question Would you consider this shared plan too expensive? Can I find better?

    Disk Quota: 2500MB
    Monthly Data Transfer: 250GB
    Domains: 10
    Mail Accounts: 200
    MySQL Databases: 10
    Sub-Domains: Unmetered
    FTP Accounts: Unmetered

    Monthly Cost: 34.99

    To me this seems quite expensive. Its one of the standard packages my current host is offering in order to accommodate my new bandwidth requirements. I was just wondering if I could get the same bandwidth allowances but at much lower cost.

    I'm just looking for a reliable host that isnt going to pretend it does more than it can, 250gb is all I will need. Any suggestions or reccomendations for a suitable host would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Are you happy actually with your host? if yes, then no, is not expensive .
    If you're happy with their service, I suggest to not try to look for a new host just to save a couple of bucks a month. Your peace of mind worth more than that.
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    Looking at the amount of space/bandwidth there that seems quite reasonable. If you want quality you have to pay for it.

    As Jedito said, if your happy with your host then why move.
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    I agree with Jedito said - you may find cheaper, but that host may also have a lower quality of service...

    To be quite honest, I actually think that is fairly cheap for 250GB transfer. Is this generated via dynamic [PHP, MySQL] content or static content - this will make a difference on the amount of strain that is put on the server.


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    You should to remember - you get what you pay for. If you didn't have any problems with them - you kept your health.

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    I agree with everyone else. It may be "expensive" but it was your time worth to you? If the service works fine for you now, why change anything? You'd be much better in the long run to stay put.
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    It's not cheap because converting to US dollars it's almost $70 a month for a shared plan. But if you are happy...
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    $7USD per domain, if that is what you are looking at - then it breaks down pretty cheap. Usually with hosting you get what you pay for and a lot of times overselling is something to consider.

    Changing companies can sometimes be problematic. You first need to figure out if you are happy with them and if they are providing you the support you need and if they have great uptime

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    We shouldn't really divide the price by the number of domains. What if the hoster allowed to host 100 site? Would they cost 70 cents each? And unlimited? $0 each?
    We should analyse the account itself.

    It's not common to see simple shared accounts for that price, but if you are happy, and you can afford the price, we really can't say if you could be better, because we don't know your sites.

    Sometimes knowing that the sites are well taken care off is worth a lot more than some money in your pocket.

    Why not trying to negotiate with your present hoster? Show them some competitor's packages and prices.
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    The truth is that you can always find better out there. The question is if you really want to. If your host hasn't dropped the ball on you and have proven themselves worthy of your time, you might find it worthwhile to stay on. Doing that alone will save you all the hassles of changing hosts which as those of us who have done that before can tell you - the worst things can crop up out of the blue during these host changes.

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    Why not trying out a few other host, while keeping your site at the current one?
    It's not a bad idea at all to have a backup host, anyway.
    And many hosts have money back guarantee.

    I wouldn't recommend changing a host without first testing the new candidate very well.
    I think the real experiences will help to settle your mind more than any suggestions we can give, unless you are someone who need to follow other people.

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    I was just wondering if I could get the same bandwidth allowances but at much lower cost.
    You most likely can find a cheaper host but you might not receive the same quality of service/support from them.

    I'd say stick with them if you're happy with the service/support they provide. The price seems quite reasonable, and you should not risk your web site's uptime and your sleep to save a few dollars.

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    You could easily find someone cheaper...
    But that isnt always a good thing. This price isnt at all outragious for what you are getting. I say, like others have already posted, If the service has been good so far.. Stay with it.

    If it aint broke, dont fix it.
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