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    Mailing List: Server not considered as Spamm

    Does anyone knows if there are working ways to make your server appear as Safe instead of Junk when you send mailing lists?

    The only one I think of is aware people that will actually tell their mail boxes that we are safe, then they will consider it safe for the rest of their customers, but this is only speculation.


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    Why do you think that it is speculation?

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    Spam is fought and filtered so many different ways. Some based on content, some based on sender headers, mail format, IP source, rDNS. The list goes on and on.

    There is a lot available on best practices, most importantly, the validity of your list recipients and their true (opt-in) desire to receive the message. Googling for things like SPF, safe sender, etc. may be helpful.

    Good luck.
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    Is there a site that lets you send emails to your subsribed members without them receiving it as spamm, or a service that allows you to be whitelisted at YAHOO AND HOTMAIL (most important to me) without making you pay thousand of dollars that you cannot afford?

    Thanks !

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