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    Promotional Codes

    Are they worth it?Do they catch more attention?

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    Most of the time they do catch people's attention. You have to make your promotions low enough to catch someone's attention and at the same time you gain profit as well.
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    Yes they are worth doing

    But beware who signs up, When i did this once i had aload of how shall we say, innapropriate signups who used there cheap hosting for spamming and storing illegal content

    If you do offer no more than maybe 1 month free or 50% off a month

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    I think that it is the easest way in discounting. I always look at promotional codes. I think that is good strategy to get service with discount

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    It worth it.
    Its preedy much same, as you go to the mall, and look something what is on sale. To save money.
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    And it's the best option to get the word spread. I've created threads about codes for Godaddy, that they send me, used dozens and dozens of thousands of times.
    I don't earn anything to spread those, but I help people, they recognize it, and Godaddy gets lots of sales that otherwise they wouldn't get.

    With a discount people usually buy what they don't even need
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    I think you're all missing one aspect I use coupon codes for. They make it very easy to realise the ROI of ad campaigns, especially any print ads you might run. If a user doesn't click an ad but uses a coupon code later, you can now chalk that up to your new ad!.

    Also, if discussing some custom solution with a would be client I meet we decide that our standard pricing isn't right.. instead of signing him up right then and there and taking his details down, or remembering all the details we discussed when I get back to the office, what we can do is make up a coupon code on the fly and create the offer when I get to the nearest computer. Always be sure to beat the client to a computer though

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    Promotional codes are very effective, because they make folks feel like they're getting a deal - even when they're really not. For psychological reasons alone, implementing promo codes is a very good idea.
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    A lot of times, yes because it grabs the customer's attention. Heck a lot of times when I am buying from a company, especially a larger one, I will look to see if there are any promotional codes.

    Some good ones would be to waive the set up fee for hosting. Maybe give an extra discount if they pay for a year etc

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    It easy to implement with WHM auto-pilot... It is a built in feature

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    The problem with promo codes is they end up to being expected. Dell is a fine example of me never paying retail for a PC because i know i can look for promos and save hundreds. I'm sure Dell hates me for that but i guess they also still make a profit or write me off as a loss.

    So hedge your bets wisely. I would focus on a sale/event promo rather than competiting for the largest discount unless you have the working capital to sustain those discounts and a plan to fit them in your profit margin. Hoping they convert later on down the road is "wishfull thinking".

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    Peachy, don't worry, these companies don't hate people that use promo codes, or they wouldn't create them They create them for the savvy user, that without them won't signup or buy a service (or will buy from a competitor).
    And speaking psychologically, they work very well... something like supermarket promotions, but for a reduced number of people. With the added bonus of word of mouth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayke
    Are they worth it?Do they catch more attention?
    In any business no matter who the consumer is, that individual is always looking for the best deals when shopping around. I am sure you may find yourself doing this same exact thing when you stop and think about it. Every consumer likes to see a discount and love to receive free promotional services. Promo codes are well worth it, if you know how to set it up to where you will not end up losing out. I see some promo codes, not only in web hosting but other industries aswell where it looks as if the business is taking a loss on the product or service. Figure out your costs and how much exactly you can maintain to give a percentage off of and for how long.
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    used pro code for buy host is very cheap ...
    i have used for dreamhost ...

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