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    LOOKING for Coders (XHTML/CSS/PHP/MYSQL/Java/etc..)


    The title says it. We are looking for as many coders as possible, we will review the portfolios and then interview the ones we feel meet our requirements. You will be in our list (MSN) as back up coders for upcoming projects, when we need you we will contact you and discuss the project and budget.

    Your MUST know:

    XHTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL. (Must know atleast all four.)
    If you know other types of programming thats better (Java, Ajax, etc...)

    Projects range from Simple XHTML/CSS coding of a PSD to integrating scripts etc.. into the coding. Like game scripts, ecommerce systems, forums etc..

    To apply please PM your best portfolio examples. We will then reply to the ones we are interested in.

    Best Regards.
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    XHTML/CSS Coders

    If you require integration with Wordpress or Radiant I'd be glad to work with you.
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    Hello can u provide your email id

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