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    * Offering free domain names with 1year hosting...

    Hello All,

    Well, it seems these days most hosting companies are giving away free domains when you sign a 1year contract, or I've seen some that will give it even on a monthly basis. My question is this. How do you guys work this regarding the ownership of the domain. Does it all get registered under the business name or do you keep it under the client's name. Also, what if the client cancels a few months later, how is the domain ownership handled.

    For research purposes, I bought a hosting account with a very larger reputable hosting company, after the order I noticed that my domain name was all registered under THEIR name, with their emails. Basically I had no ownership of it. Is this common?

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    We sometimes have free domain promotions, and they are registered in the client's name, but here's why: we only offer an annual payment option, so we have ourselves covered.

    However you do this, definitely make sure you state in your TOS the method you choose.
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    You can do it on a monthly basis, but just make sure you add in the TOS that if they leave there will be a $X charge to them + they pay transfer fees. If not, you keep the domain.

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    From what I've seen at several places, if you cancel the account you get your money back minus the price of the domain. State that clearly in your TOS.

    As an user, lots of places offered me such domains, and I never used them.
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