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    Does anyone have experience w/ host department??

    I'm looking for a decently cheap webhost and there seem to be thousands of them. I've been looking at host department bedause they advertise unlimited space and bandwidth which both seams impossible. I just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with this company whether it be good or bad.

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    Unlimited Space and Bandwidth are not possible. Generally, if something looks to good to be true....It usually is.

    Your best option is to determine how much space and bandwidth you really need. To be completly honest, 100MB of space and 1 GB of bandwidth is more than enough for alot of people.

    After you have determined how much space and bandwidth you really need... Look for companies with good reviews, try out their customer support before you sign up (make sure response times are good). Look for plans which leave you at least 50% room for growth in terms of diskspace and bandwidth and our reasonably priced.

    If your website does grow, make sure the company you choose leaves you the option to upgrade to larger plans.
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    This is true, there is no such thing as Unlimited Space and Bandwith, this is usually just an advertisement ploy to trap customers into a situation that will be tough to get out of. Your best bet is to be careful with hosts like that. Look around the offers section for host with realistic plans, prices, and above all great recommendations and reviews. This will help make your search and life a bit easier .

    Good Luck!

    Oh and Welcome to WHT!
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    I just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with this company whether it be good or bad
    Many people, you can search about them here, mostly the reviews posted are bad.
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    thanks for the insight into my situation. I'm not realy sure exactly how much space I'm going to need right now. I'm starting a music resource site which will be mostly absolute links to other sites and affiliates so it shouldn't be much of a draw on bandwidth, but it may end up being something completely different so I want room to grow, but don't want to buy the farm.

    It does seem to good to be true so I will have to keep looking.

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    This forum is a good place to start your research, unfortunately, hosting directories are biased and based on the owner interests or afilliate programs.

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    Everything has a limit. I would recommend that you read this article

    Another great article to read - warnings and advice regarding ultra cheap web hosting

    I would recommend that you do a search on or

    Make a list of 4-5 web hosting companies from there who meet your criteria and then search for reviews on them here on WHT. It would be a good idea to contact them with general questions to test their response time also.

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    Thanks for the advice. I read something simalar in a simalar post and did the search and decided to go with Host Gator. They seem to be a host that oversells, but they also get alot of great reviews. I'm not looking to do anything over the top with this page at the beginning and with them I would a little room to grow.

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    You are a wise person... hostdepartment sucks door knobs. I have used them for several years and they just get worse every year.

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