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    Kind of funny warez spam

    I thought this was funny.. I am sure alot of you have gotten it before.. My favorite part is the last line:

    We sell Backup CDs, also known as Warez CDs. Backup CDs are copies of Software.
    For example if you go into a shop and buy Windows XP Pro, for about $299 you get the Serial, the CD, the Box and the Manual.

    If you order it off us, you get:
    The Windows XP CD and the Serial Number. It works exactly the same, but you don't get the manual and box and the price is only $19.99.
    That is a saving of $280, and the only difference is you don't have a colorful box and manual - which are not very useful.

    - over 400 applications
    - over 1500 games
    - we reply at all your requests in a few hours
    - newest releases
    - we have the best price on the WEB
    - best choice of CD's ever seen on WEB
    - we ship orders to worldwide
    - secure credit card processing thru our authorized on-line retailer. Your information will be passed through a secure server and encrypted (128bit).

    No need to worry about someone will steal you credit card details.

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    Re: Kind of funny warez spam

    Originally posted by OKIHost
    No need to worry about someone will steal you credit card details. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    No need to worry about someone will steal you credit card details.
    We will and all that for just 19,90 $

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    heh, i have gotten a ton of those emails. the script is really nice, but, sheesh.

    i hate spam.

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    Last night there was a listing in Yahoo auctions under a Dreamweaver search that allowed you to bid for very special 'secret' information about how to get software for free. I think all you had to do was pay $9.95 or something and the secrets would be revealed to you! Even had glowing testimonials from happy customers. Must have sold out or something though because the ad is no longer there now.

    Darn it. I should have bid while I had the chance.

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    Got this too and forwarded it to the BSA, Microsoft, FBI and the greek justice department as I do with all ****ing warez-for-sale ****. I am not in favor of warez but at least they must be FREE = no money made off them.

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    I would report that to Microsoft. I know they have a specific e-mail address for reporting stuff like this I just can't remember the exact one. This person is pretty foolish to think that nobody will turn them in. Still pretty funny, though.
    Mark Blair

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