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    I'm sure some people have seen, with probably one of the 10 best dedicated server deals. $24.95/month + $70 setup, 2.6GHz Celeron, 512 RAM, 80GB HD, and 1000GB transfer.

    I just signed up with them and so far the service seems ok, much better than I expected for $24.95 a month. Customer service responds in a decent amount of time and is helpful. I ordered late (around 4-5AM) and had my server around 4PM the next day.

    The KVM/IP feature works well. It's laggy but that's expected. SSH is only a tiny bit slower than it is across my home LAN. Free remote reboot is included too.

    My server seems to be good quality, bandwidth is good too. I uploaded a large tar.gz file to my shared hosting with hostgator, and got a little over 710 kbytes (yes bytes not bits) per second. I then downloaded it back onto the server and got 800-900 kbytes per second.

    Ping times seem ok: 48, 37, 40, 57, 50, 60, 38, 52, 41, 38, 57, 51, 49, 40, 65, 49ms.

    I know quite a bit about networking and servers, but this is my first dedicated server, so I don't really have anything to compare to, except the VPS I had once for a few days; it's network was much slower. Maybe I'm not the best to write a review, but I'm sure this will be helpful to some people who have been skeptical because of their unbeleivable price.

    IP addresses are also very cheap, about $1 a month for each extra, plus you get two for free.

    But like I said i've only been with them for a little while, but I'll be sure to come back after a couple of months and update my review.

    So far I would recommend, but you never know, next week they could start charging me $100 per SSH login or something, I'll be sure to update this if anything happens.

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    What do they charge for cpanel?

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