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    single AMD Dual-Core Opteron 170 2.0Ghz 4*250GB hds with raid10

    Looking to sell this server; comes with cpanel already installed, as well as full-management. There is also remote reboot. Its located in downtown NYC for $265/mo

    single AMD Dual-Core Opteron 170 2.0Ghz
    2x 1M L2 Cache, On-die Memory Controller

    Pre-installed Motherboard:
    Supermicro H8SSL-i Socket 939 Server Board
    ServerWorks HT1000 Chipset
    IPMI 2.0 Interface Card available

    Pre-installed 1U Optimized CPU Cooling:
    Cooljag SFO-M 1U Copper Passive Heatsink
    3x 12000rpm 4cm Turbine Fans
    Custom-fit "Wind Tunnel" (CSE-PT112)

    Pre-installed RAM:
    major brand 4096M(4G) 128-bit Dual-Channel
    DDR-400 PC-3200, 4x 1G, 0x open, 4-Gig Max

    Included Storage/Hardware RAID Devices:
    4pcs Western Digital 250G SATA, 7200rpm
    WD2500YD, 24x7 RAID Edition, 16-Meg Buffer
    3ware 9500S-4LP 4-ports SATA PCI-X RAID Controller
    4x 250G hardware RAID-10

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    Forgot to add this comes with 7 mbps of bandwidth (a little overage 2100 gigs). Test IP is

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