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    I can find good available domain names that others sell for big bucks - so what?

    Hi, guys!

    My name is Shav. I am about to get in to the domaining field since it seems pretty interesting to me.

    I have developed a unique algorithm of finding good domain names available, which allows me to get 1, 2, or 3-word domains that are still available. I am not a pro in selling domain names like many of you, so I am thinking about providing a service to domainers as well as to everyone else willing to find and register a good domain name. Itís not about tracing expired and deleted domains (which I also do) but mostly lots of creativity plus some great tools.

    I am thinking of a forum (or blog or cms) style site, where Iíll periodically list new good available domains for exclusive members. Once found Iíll analyze its brand-name potentials; keywordís search volumes; popularity (# of pages in SEs), etc. and only then post it on the site. I want to make it as a subscription-based service.

    At this moment, I have these questions:
    - Would anyone be interested in it?
    - How much would one pay for this service?

    Keep in mind that Iíll only post good domain names that people are usually selling for $1k and up in known domain auction and domain selling sites. Of course, I am not planning to sell ďairĒ, so the first month will be totally free for everyone, so the next month people would see if it worth the money. But what kind of money?

    Maybe, Iíd better offer a niche domain name creating services for those who canít come up with anything worthy and donít want to pay thousands of dollars for whatís there for sale? Or maybe Iíd better register the domains I find by myself and then try to sell it and thus will make much more money?

    Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts are highly appreciated!

    Last but not least: in the end of this threat, Iíll post one of the good domains as my ďThank You!Ē that would probably make you good $$$ if you are a good domain seller. First saw, first registered. Also, for the best post to my question Iíll give a one-word domain (from dictionary with more than 300k pages with it in Google and some search volumes) Ė to register and also to show that I can find good domains.

    I am very serious about this idea but I want to be sure that there is a need for it.


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    With the process of domain tasting/kiting targetted services really don't stand much chance I don't think for PPC based business models. It would be like fishing with a very nice fishing rod vs a huge 10 mile dragnet.

    As far as reselling... tough to say, end-user sales aren't exactly reliable and it really depends if you actually have a good algorithm which does generate unique yet profitable domain names.

    If you do have smoe algo that works for finding PPC domains that are available AND profitable... could be a goldmine and you should capitalize on it for yourself.
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    don't think adsense can bring much money - but i can give one domain away plus 9 more behind the post for only registered members... just to show that domains are really good - also it could be a subsription-based service - so whenever they feel like it's a waste of money - they can go away...

    i just don't know how much would anyone pay for it, would they? how much needed this kind of service? how else i can benefit from my skill? thanks, kohashi!

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    The problem with any new business venture is credibility. If you don't have a track record, then you don't have any credibility. I agree that you can counter that to some extent with a free subscription period. However, take me for example. Why should I bother to subscribe to your service? I don't believe your claims that there are unregistered domains that would sell for 1K or more within a reasonably short period of time. Say, register the domain, put it up for sale at DNF, get it sold in a week. If we have to hold domains for years in order to sell at 1K, then we can all do that. My portfolio is crammed full with such domains. Most will never sell. We need jam today, not the promise of jam tomorrow. Besides, if this was such a profitable venture, I'd keep it to myself and become a millionaire within a year. I would also consider having an exclusive partnership with you and become a millionaire in 2 years
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    I wasn't talking about adsense here, I was talking about PPC parking llike Domain Sponsor or Google Domainpark.

    I would personally register them myself if you saw them as profitable of approach a reseller and talk about partnering for their registrations with a sample list. A subscription service loses value for each additional customer for something like this, but higher price means higher risk involved for the investor. So where does the balance lie? I've seen a few services like this before, for various niches of domains but really I don't see them lasting very long.
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    ppc parking works the same way, but u'll just get less money rather than if you do adsense yourself. but u'll lose much on histing too... still, it's not an option.

    however, maybe it's a good idea, to just by them for myself, and with ppc just try to have them pay for themselves for years and even maybe earn something. still don't lose anything, and the number of domains is increasing a lot every year so the chances of a sale are increasing too.

    thanks again for your thoughts.

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    stu2, do you think it's a better idea to buy them for myself and then try to sell through known domain selling sites? because i am sure the domains are great, i am just not i'll be able to sell them. domainers probably know much stuff i have no idea about on selling good domain names...

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    You can do this all at once parking them with Sedo, monetize with PPC while advertising they are for sale.

    PPC is sometimes better than development with adsense or similar. Not always. Also development takes a lot more time, PPC generally optimizes itself, doesn't even require your own hosting.
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    If you are as confident as you say you are, then I don't understand why you would want to give any of that profit away to someone else. Do it yourself. You'll find it's not easy to sell newly regged domains for 1K in any kind of reasonable timeframe. Years? Maybe, maybe not.

    You could buy your domains for $6.95 a pop and park them. You won't get any income from newly regged domains because they have no traffic. Then go out and list your domains for sale at the various venues. Then sit back and wait... and wait... and wait. Direct approach to an end user might increase your chances to 1 in 10,000.
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    direct approach - a good idea - i think that's what i'll do - and guys, thanks a lot for your advices - i am about to post my available domains here and on other forums later today!

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    So, people think it’s impossible to find a good domain name that is available today.
    Let me prove that wrong. Let me show that it’s possible and that I am able to do it.

    As my “Thank You!”, here are the promised domains, all are available at the moment of me typing this post. I have decided to give away more than promised. Enjoy!
    1-word dictionary domain; 360k pages in Google, some search volumes too.
    Are you against anything? Well, this is the best place to talk it out! Easy to remember.
    Being under influence of the "Borat" the movie. Quite marketable.
    Good brand name. Very short, easy to remember. (Nowhere to go, but up!) Maybe will work great for an inspirational site.
    Guys or girls talk about ones they just had sex with; Those frustrated about something expressing themselves.
    709.000 results in Google. Sex-related site or psychological or game strategy - easy to remember - just 1 word.
    A portal for making good things to each other. A site that will bring the best out of you. Just 2 very short words; easy to remember, etc.
    A cool name for an Internet start up firm.
    “Net Enemy” - post your net enemy (person, site) and find allies. Good for a special networking portal.
    For those who truly love SEO (search engine optimization).
    A good site for a global glossary - a kingdom of terms.
    Are you into tuism? Well, get – an interesting philosophical term. One-word dictionary domain.

    That’s it for now. If you decide to register something, I would appreciate to know how much would you pay for it if it was for sale. I’d love your feedback guys. Thanks.

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    Whilst I'd admit,you have some nice names there, they aren't 1K names.
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    Seems like at the time of writing, 7 were registered today.
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    wow, amazing - i kindly ask those who bought - for how much would you buy these if they were for sale? please respond. i'll post more if anyone is interested.

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    7 out of 12 already bought... maybe i really can go into it with my skill... i could sell these kind of domains for say $99 - would anyone buy?

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    That's not a bad RETAIL asking price at TDNAM, Sedo, Afternic. Although you'll have to bear in mind their different selling cost structures.

    Annual Fee
    TDNAM 4.95
    Afternic 24.95
    Sedo Free

    Sales Charges
    TDNAM 10% min $5
    Afternic 10% Min $60 (I'm not sure if you get straight 10% if parked)
    Sedo 10% Min 60 (flat 10% if parked, iirc)

    You might be able to sell half of them for $20-$30 on DNForum or NamePros. DNF make you pay 1 time subscription fee (about $70) to post in the sales threads. Afaicr, NamePros doesn't charge.

    Personally, I'm paid up at all these services.

    You have to realize that any new registration is pure speculation. The people who have registered those domains are gambling. Just because you've seen them registered doesn't mean they'll sell. They were mostly nice names and better than a lot of the crap we see for sale. Mostly worth the regfee. Keep them rolling

    Of course, I'm talking about turning these domains over, not sitting on them for years in the vain hope I MIGHT sell one to an end-user for big bucks.
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    stu2, pm sent.

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    those who registered - please let me know for how much you would by these kind of domains if they were for sale? pm me. thanks.

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    filmlion just register the best you found and try to promote them
    This the only way not only to find a buyer but also learn this business

    Subscription services with $50 per month or less have very few subscribers
    Their income is just above their server's fee
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    stu2 and domnom- thanks for your valuable advices!

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    Registrar or hosting co. for copyright or trademark similar sounding domains.

    I'll check back to see if someone bought it as none are reg'd in com, net, org,, eu ...etc.
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    Like others said, if your algo works, it's to your own benefits to register those domains YOURSELF, esp. when the rate of return is THAT high (1000%+ even when you are able to sell only 10% of them in a year).

    I also agree that a few of those names you listed (post #11) are not bad, but they take really good salesmanship to squeeze even more than a couple of hundreds from any of them.

    This kind of gimmicks is perhaps better as one of the many ways to draw visitors to your website (be it a blog or forum); but as a business model? Hmm ...
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    Direct approach is the best as stu2 said before but don't think it's easy
    Most of the email attempts will be forwarded to the trash can of the potential buyers, unrelated with the content or the subject of the email
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    i tried to sell the ones i bought by my self and failed, why? am i doing something wrong, domains are not good or overpriced or am i just not lucky? i've posted it on many forums, here is one link:
    please advice.

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    Well luck is one factor but don't expect to sell them so fast

    The major problems with sales is that usually the domain offers don't meet the right eyeballs and if they do then not the right brain wave
    Generally what i want to say is keep on...
    There are good name that are sold for YEARS

    You will not sell them with one forum post ... or two
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    thanks a lot for your advice, domnom.

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    filmlion I'm sorry mate but; any domain can sell. Any domain can make money, it's a matter of luck and content/service.
    There are two kinds of domains that are worth a lot in the world.

    1. Those with a great keyword/WELL KNOWN phrase/whatever, usually .com
    2. Those with a lot of traffic.

    When I say great keyword I don't mean, like your domains remind me of, or strange finnish words like in your thread on the other forum, I mean stuff like,, and so forth.

    I looked at your domains and another problem is they aren't very common in speech, nor do they tell the user much about the websites..

    For instance
    You say "a good domain, very easy to remember, very simple to market." and tjhat's not true at all..
    It's not even that easy to remember because how many times have you heard a person say "been you"?

    Another domain was
    You say "A good domain for a law firm or a human rights organization. Easy to resell and market. Have right as a keyword has over 1 BILLION results in"
    Well gee, 'have' and 'right' are like some of the most common words in the vocabulary, of course you will get a lot of results.. To me it just sounds weird and not catchy at all..

    EDIT: oops meant 'right' not 'you'

    Then there's ""
    At first I thought 'what does that mean.'
    Nobody except finnish people would be interested in it, and localized words as opposed to english words are /much less/ popular.

    Now, I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm saying this because imo you should stop registering these and either
    1. Find a good domain that is /catchy/ and then develop it, make it popular, then sell it or
    2. Try to find good deals on already registered domains OR keep a tight eye on expiring domains.

    The key to making any domain valuable is either 1. extremely good keyword or 2. traffic. Since you have a very little chance of picking up a really good name, I would rather focus on finding a catchy one that makes sense, and develop it then sell it later on.
    A third alternative is to keep an eye out for new technologies like wii/zune/ps3/whatever then register domains that are /catchy/ and make /sense./

    This is at least my OPINION and experience. Nothing more, take it as you wish.
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    coax - thanks a lot for your very good advices and thoughts that made me understand the problem better, i can defend each domain (they can be brandable, no one ever heard about many weird domain names before, those that now became extremely popular, no examples needed; the prices for my domains are really too low than of the examples you made) but generally you are right. i think i'll only register and try to resell a domain name that really makes an absolute sense. as for developing sites for a later sale, too much work. all those registered and being sold are still good for a new web-project, memorable, etc. especially for the prices that are being sold for. but now i'll concentrate on something much more valuable - it's harder but i am i can do it. it's just that i saw so many domains being sold under $100 that are absolutely worse than mine, that's why i thought i could do it... now i see i was naive, i'd need a really good domain to make it happen. thanks again for your great post.
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    Well, imo most of your domains are 'RegFee' domains.. But as always with the right end user ANY domain can be worth something..

    When it comes to brandable domains, end user is everything.
    Brandable domains do not always contain any particular generic keywords, like,, but then it's all up to the end users discretion of if he likes the domain or not.

    To my experience, most people like that which is not weird, and prefer that which is catchy and easy to say and easy to remember.
    'Godaddy' isn't something you originally associate with a registrar, but it IS catchy and short and easy to remember.
    So I guess a general rule of thumb for any domain can be 'does it flow off the tounge?'
    yeah and try to not just slap two random major keywords together with no meaning.

    As always this is just my opinion, there are a lot of people who might disagree and have other experiences.. But I say.. Go for catchy..

    Good luck, domaining is fun.

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    thanks, you have encourage me to try more, to try better. keep your eyes open for my new domains. meanwhile, i've got interest i guess from the end user (from the other forum) for one domain that you critisyzed above - so again, you are right with brandable ones - it's up to the end user. i think :;; - make sense, don't they?

  31. #31 is awesome
    the other two make sense yeah..

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    if u like it, i can sell it to you for less than half price ($30). (the offer is valid only to coax, for others the price stays the same

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    nah man, thanks though..
    i stopped domaining really, i got a good one and am developing it for my site and that's all i need atm.

    thanks though for the discount

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    sure, that was my 'thanks' to your valuable advices.

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