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    key components of a web 2.0 site?

    in your opinion what are the keys or components that a website must have when it comes to the design to be consider a 2.0 website? I've seen a lot of templates labeled as 2.0, but what makes them 2.0 what is a must have in your opinion?

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    Templates don't have anything to do with "Web 2.0" per say. It's more about delivery of content, user controlled content and so on. Here's some good reading on Web 2.0...

    Some folks have been touting a certain style of design as Web 2.0 but I think this more a current trend in design methods.

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    Yes, it is the structure of the site not the visual design.
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    ok thanks for making things clearer and thanks for the link bluedreamer i'll take a look

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