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    ServerSeed Fraud - Advice Please

    Hello, hope I'm posting in the correct place here. I left Serverseed Hosting 3mths ago this morning I find he has charged my Credit Card and billed me. Another client that had a dedicated server with them was also charged a huge amount.

    We have both contacted our banks to let them know of these fraudulent charges, neither of us have any contact with this guy the whois info is incorrect, no emails are being answerd and the phone number is not working.

    Does anyone here know of any other steps we can take to stop this happening again, he dissappeared over 3mths ago his hosting site is still online and all of a sudden we're being charged.

    Any advice is welcome please as I'm not paying for a service I don't have.
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    Sorry to hear that Donnar...that sucks.

    Best advice I can give you is to keep trying to contact them. The bank will handle the chargeback, and if Serverseed isn't around anymore like your stating, then the bank will have a hard time getting them also... meaning, you'll get your money back eventually.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with them as well - it is a pure shame to see another host suddenly "up and disappear".

    As the Interknox said above, be persistant and attempting to make contact with them. Try any method possible have it be e-mail, telephone calls, or even postal mail if you have that information avaliable to you! Your bank will take care of the charge back themselves.

    Good luck with resolving this situation!

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    This is not good at all, I know my Bank will take care of the chargeback they have already noted it on my account we're just awaiting til it shows on their statements as it was only processed a few hours ago it takes upto 24hrs.

    Have tried every way we know to contact him,

    Thanks to you both

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