Okay, I'm having a total clear out... Please read the whole thing, I've some interesting things to sell!
p.s. not sure where to post offer like this, so mods, if its a problem please forward me to a right place

www.teahost.com - top level domain. good marketing pro can turn this into a cash cow! Please follow the link to see how much traffic it generates I just changed name server to SEDO and it already shows 500 unique hits!

+ web design.

- Index page - Sorry for the excess use of watermarks Also, please note, logo is excellent. Layout is simple and classy. There are many interesting details. Plus its html coded. You just need to plug in your text, add some numbers and you are ready to sell!

- JavaScript navigation - Layout also comes with a very nice java script navigation menu. I tried to make it as easy to use as possible. Also changing the subdirectories has never been easier, check out the way code is presented! Its so easy to re-arrange everything according to your needs!

- package comparison page - Simple easy to understand. Layout is classy yet not overloaded. I plunged in some basic characteristics and random numbers, you can always edit it out according to your specification.

- hosting specific articles - Yes, its very hard to find a good article writer Package includes several interesting articles concerning hosting industry. Those are custom made ones! Yes, I hired a person to write them You can use it for good SEO and marketing, just send those articles on the net with the backlink to the page at the end. It will bring more customers, plus u'll boost google PR. All 5 articles are included in the total price!

- Tutorials - Unfortunately I don't have any tutorial videos, but you can readily purchase those on the net. There are plenty websites offering cpanel flash videos.

- FAQ - Every hosting company should have FAQ. I included couple of fast question/answers.

- Quick Contact Form - I'm telling you, this is an amazing package! Everything, even contact form is beautifully put in there. You don't have to think about anything. I already took time to do that for you!

- Customer Area (Login) - And member log in page, you need this for sure! There is enough space to give some highlights of the system. Right beneath the log in form!

That's my teahost.com and all about it. If you are interested don't hesitate - contact me right away Send PM here, or talk to me on msn: sandrodz [at] msn {dot}

Price for the whole package - 599$
p.s. if there are many people willing to purchase it, website will go to the one who pays more... Like auction!