Hey All-
Spent some time searching and looking around but I haven't been able to find anything directly matching what I'm looking for.

Here's the basics. We currently run our own dedicated Web (Win2k3) and SMTP (RHE/Postfix) servers. We run a company that initially started with an emphasis on customer Newsletter's. We setup a large scale E-Mail newsletter system (Its Confirmation Opt-in [double opt-in]) and it is NOT spam (Just wanted to get that out of the way). As we have gone along, we have reduced the reliance on the E-Mail Newsletter and changed our company model in general. Although we do still send out about 100k worth of newsletters a month across about 50 sites (most are from 1 site in particular). At one point we had 2.3 Million emails across about 500 sites.

Anywho, we are looking to move hosts from our current host as they have become incerasingly unreliable. But one issue we have had is that our current Email package is not as reliable as we would like. In addition, I am the main tech. and will not be with the company for much longer. As such, we are trying to find a company to handle just the email (POP3/SMTP) aspect for us.

For POP3, we have approximately 100 domains with an average of 3 email accounts per domain. We also need to have some dedicated SMTP that we can send newsletters through (although, they can be seperate services). We will host all the sites and DNS through our dedicated server (as we have special requirements on that end), but I was trying to find out if anyone knows of any servers that do strictly email servers.

The biggest issues are that we want a reliable system and one with a fairly simple User Interface (web based most likely) as my boss will most likely be managing it and he is not the most tech saavy guy I know.

We are also hoping for something in the $100 - $200 range. My boss is "Price Consious" (Read Cheap), but I am trying to find a happy medium.

Any suggestions, experiences, etc... would be great. Thanks.