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    Using Perl To Grep Apache Logs for Spammers

    My PERL skills are rather limited, so I'm not sure the best way to do this. I'd like to do some GREPS out of an Apache log file to extract IPs that are spamming blogs.

    So I need to do something like this

    1. open the file.
    2. POST for all post requests being done to blog comment files being spammed, wp-comments-post.php and mt-comments.cgi
    3. Pull the IPs out of that list
    4. Pass those IPs into something that'll firewall them.

    Can anyone help me get started on this?

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    can do it in bash.

    for i in `grep wp-comments-post.php | awk '{print $1}'`;do iptables -I INPUT -s $i -j DROP;done
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    You should look at using grep and regular expressions to do this, searching google for help with regular expressions would be a good start.
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