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    help...AT&T Bandwidth in California

    Hi guys,

    first time poster here.

    I have been having a very tough time finding AT&T bandwidth from a colocation provider. I am looking for 4Us and 3mbits routable out via AT&T and routable in via AT&T (ideally on an AT&T IP, actually i just really need 1 IP)'s for a SSL-VPN app. Aside from going direct to AT&T hosting (which takes 4-6 weeks to procure), can anyone recommend me a provider that may be able to help?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Have you looked at Internap?
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    221 is in California, has ATT+Savvis+Level(3) and has a great reputation.
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    HE has AT&T in their mix

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    I think we have serve the poster already. We have just setup an solution for the same app. If not, give us a ping.

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