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    So now what? Which Billing System?


    Today, there are many billing systems. For example, ModernBill, WHMAP, ClientExec, WHMCS, Lpanel, and so on... many..

    For me, MB is the one, specially version 4. I was going use MB ver4 as long as possible, but I was thinking what if cPanel/Plesk/Other CP update and changes API for creation, suspending, termination and so on.. then, MB ver4 will not work unless MB provides updates, but as you guys know now MB does not fix or update ver4 since ver5 came out...

    so now I am seriously thinking for my new billing system.. because in sometime, ver4 will not work automation part unless I upgrade ver5 or MB updates....

    so it is time to upgrade ver5 or change to new billing system before problem is there..

    I have checked MB5, ClientExec, and WHMCS.... for my new billing system..

    as I know MB5 has still bugs/non-functioning, so it is not good time to switch over yet...

    For WHMCS, it is simple billing system. I mean it was easy to use, but invoice management/ordering part was little bit different than MB.. expect that I think I can deal with it.... also I have found that they have converter for exmaple MB->WHMCS which is good..
    (I have tried trial ver3)

    For ClientExec, I have used it before, but not for hosting service, so I can not tell and don't know how it with cPanel/Plesk and billing part. I checked their web, but I could not find full feature list...

    Still.... I am thinking.. should I switch over to other or wait until MB5 gets stable...

    please give me advise and your opinion..


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    Well i've used Ihost [definite NO NO], Clientexec and currently on WHMCS.

    I never bothered with MB as it's so technical and I like the idea of customizing everything to suit me. WHMCS did all this and you can have unlimited clients etc.

    If you compare all the panels AWBS and WHMCS offer the most etc.
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