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    Review simple site

    I'm especially looking for feedback from Mac users.

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    You might better use Pligg or Scuttle or FreeGlobes as the CMS for your site.

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    Hey Sri, I had to abandon ALL CMS ideas after I decided to have the site as just an HTML page to increase the chances of it sustaining a digg or delicious or reddit the odd chance

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    There doesn't seem to be much on the site, so I don't really have anything to suggest.

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    Hello. Kind of a strange navigational tool used, not sure what it's called. I fear that many of your visitors might misteak the lack of initial content for an incomplete site (like I think smrtalex did). But I love the logo.

    p.s. I am a mac user.

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    There is hardly anything on the website, I do not understand the point in it seems too simple maybe have a slight design?
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    hmm add some graphics and some more content I like the logo.

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    You might better use Pligg or Scuttle or FreeGlobes as the CMS for your site. ???

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    The idea that it's a list of "awesome blogs" is totally negated by the submission rules -- pay $1 and you'll be added. How does that ensure quality? To be blunt, your site seems worthless aside from being one of many paid-placement link sites for SEO.

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