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    Premier Hosting Domains 4 sale/ trade

    I have the following hosting names available for sell or trade for a good hosting template. I will consider all offers over the next few days that are over $50 each. (U.S. State) (Capital of Texas) (Good rating) (with 51 links)

    Please check out and

    *I am only selling the domain names, no content on the webpages they point to.
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    No offense... But 2,273,630 isn't a "Good Alexa" rating.

    A good rating would probably be near 1000 or less.

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    No offense taken, but I believe 2 mil out of 20 mil to be good. I guess everyone will perceive these ratings differently though. IMO anything rated within the top 1000 is outstanding.

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    If 2,273,630 is good. then I must be happy for one of my domains that ranks 87,597

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