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    Question Need suggestions : 2GB Storage.. 25GB Bandwidth

    Hi all,

    I'm newbie here, I'm going to get a reseller account :

    2 GB Storage, and 25 GB Bandwidth.,,

    But as I said, I'm newbie, I no know how to create a good plans with a good prices

    I need the prices be good for getting people, and in the same time I can earn much more then I pay (I pay $179.4 yearly)..

    In the same time, I must get a good space and good bandwidth for my own website (which it shows the plans and features ..etc)
    I thinked about 50MB and 2GB Bandwidth .. So, the really space for customers is 1950MB Storage, and 23GB Bandwidth..

    What I need suggestions about, is whats the best plans can I create (at least 3 plans) , You can limit/unlimit mysql databases at these plans..

    If I have only 1GB Storage and 20GB Bandwidth (I pay $179.4 yearly), whats the suggested plans in this case
    Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me

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    please guys, I know that most of you have a hosting site by reselling ... please help me ..I'm newbie
    I did a search, but I couldn't find

    Regards .

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    1,598 has a reseller plan that includes 2 GB of webspace and 25 GB of bandwidth.

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    George, firstly have a look at what your nearest competitors are charging/ offering and you should get an idea of the market where you are based. As for the plans, you could try some sort of small, medium and large hosting package.

    A website that is clean and easy to navigate will also help you sell your hosting plans.

    Good luck

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    What control panel do you use and are your reseller limits by allocation or by actual usage?
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    I would to offer hosting on Middle East ..

    but in middle east they use USA and Europe hostings, little are using loacal hosting ..
    an example of most hosting companies is :

    Thanks to all who replied


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