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    SUN Cobalt Control Station??

    we are currently looking to sell our cobalt control station. it is only 4 months old, not used, still in box we paid 4999.00
    thie configuration is:
    Sun Cobalt Control Station
    1 450-MHz Processor
    512-MB Memory
    2 40-GB Disk Drive
    1 External UltraWide SCSI Interface
    1 PCI Slot
    1 Ethernet Port

    looking to get atleast 3000.00 or best offer

    would anyone be interested?

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    Since the cobalt control station is basically a raq4r with 40gb drives i'd look more in the direction of those prices.
    I doubt anyone will pay this much.

    Also you might want to try the webhosting offers or related offers forum (not sure where this one should go)
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    I doubt anyone will pay this much.

    thats why is says 3000.00 or best offer

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