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    Can sites transfer to new host if server is down?

    I am one of the remaining clients of varhosting unfortunately and I have finally got it together to transfer to a new host. As of right now, I'm thinking of budgethost since there are so many good things on this site about it.

    BUt here is my problem...
    varhosting server is down. Can I transfer the sites while it's down? Or do I have to wait for it to come back up?

    I appreciate any help on this. I am pretty sure from my last transfer of hosts a few years ago that I have to wait for them to be up in order to get all the files and things moved over but I just wanted to make sure.


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    Well since the data is on the server that is down, there is no easy way to pull that data off the server. Now if you have your own copy (dreamweaver, etc) then you can upload the content to your new provide and then change your dns servers.

    You can also check (worse case scenario) google cache.
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    The only other way, besides what datums mentioned, is on the off-chance you have cPanel backups of your sites.

    Barring that, you're out of luck. Did you try the new Varhosting IPs yet? Perhaps your account can be accessed on one of the new servers (or old ones, as the case may be)

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    If the site is only html based, you can retrieve the files from, otherwise, you'll need to wait until the server get back
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedito
    If the site is only html based, you can retrieve the files from, otherwise, you'll need to wait until the server get back
    Good suggestion there !! I was just about to suggest the same but noticed you had already done the same

    Yep if the website is simple html coded website, then can be helpful to pull your website pages from their website!!

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