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    As you may now already down since begining of december 2006.
    Some people writing here that we should "write off" the money which we lost in there. but we do not think so. WE LOST A LOT, SO WE HAVE NOTHIG TO LOOSE ANY MORE. [email protected] email me, I well get my money BACK !!!!! IN FULL AMOUNT, unless epay2000 owner wish to write letters from jail, to his famely in toronto, Likely owner epay2000 wil not like this message, but there no law in Canada or international which prohibits me to have my own deccision, and to disctribute it to each corner of internet and to lawenforsment and media people. I have ALL information about owner. name last name, street adress in canada, and i wiil use my knowlege until i get last penny. Its already couple people who contacted me, so if epay2000 owns you a money, take your chance to get it back,
    Email to us. I do have a fusse for epay.

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    i am not getting you, can u explain me a bit more.

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