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    Hosting - Give away to worthwhile sites (NAC bw)

    We have a server located in NAC (Net Access Corporation). Using tier-1 bandwidth.

    The server is a SuperMicro Intel Pentium 4 2.2ghz with 1.5gb ECC SDRAM, using Segate hard-drives.

    We are giving several accounts (at no charge) to worthwhile causes*.

    Specification (flexible):
    - 250mb webspace
    - 10000mb data transfer
    - cpanel4
    - cgi, php, perl, etc..

    *worthwhile - send us a private message with your URL and bandwidth/diskspace requirements, your website does not have to be non-profit or charity based, we'd just prefer not to give away accounts that aren't going to be used.

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    Question Free Account

    Did anyone else get a free account?

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