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    Arrow Bright, colorful tableless/XHTML1.0/CSS webhosting design / SPECIAL PRICE: 130$

    I'm placing up for sale this design again with a special holiday price , only 130$ for this clean and good looking XHTML/CSS design.

    XHTML/CSS valid tableless WEBHOSTING DESIGN- 130$ :

    The package includes:
    • CODED Valid CSS / XHTML 1.0 Transitional pages for INDEX and SUBPAGES
    • .PSD files and fonts used
    • Full rights (including the reselling rights).

    I will also provide free minor customizations (menus,logo,etc.)

    Payment by : credit card (

    Best regards,
    Schintee Ovidiu /
    mail: info [@]

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    Nice design! We are interesting into your propose; but without 2checkout payment for safe reasons. Let us know if you can accept an other payment.

    Online power for online people!

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    Hi PowerDot and thanks for your interest.
    Unfortunately i can not take any other forms of payments besides


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    Are you willing to accept/consider lower offers?

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    May I know why did you use our tech logos at the footer without permission? The cPanel with powered by text (except 'CP' logo) and PHP logo are custom design. I have a proof .psd with effect. So do you have a proof?

    Edited: I suggest you can't sell that template unless you remove our CP/PHP logos.
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    Hello Tribolis,
    Try google image search for POWERED by cPanel and you'll find a lot of them images.

    However i don't remember from where i got the PHP5 so you must be right. I must admit i never thought that i will step over a copyright with the images , i apologize.

    I will change the tech logos and add a new preview (leaving the original one intact so i won't be acused for hiding the problem.)

    I apologise again,

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    Yes I know there are many cPanel logo - it has green/orange with drop shadow. In .psd we have cPanel and Powered by font without drop shadow and used 'cP' logo from cPanel because we are supporting cPanel. PHP5 is made in .psd with effect and font.

    Please understand the google images are catching the websites' images and they are illegal to use. Best if you use original logo and make modify (mostly logo is not allowed to modify which is hard to recognise branding).

    Good luck with the sale!
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    There you go:

    Apologises to TRIBOLIS again.


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    Template has been SOLD !
    Thanks everybody.

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