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    PHP Script does not work after upgrade to PHP5. HELP!

    I'm trying to make my site work again like it did before. Basically the index page would use the include function to add content so instead of editing each page when a link change occurred I would just edit the index.php file. Unfortunetly after turning register_globals=off for security reasons and upgrading to php5 (I can't tell what the reason is) my code is not working anymore.

    $default = "welcome";
    if($page == ""){$page = $default;} 
    I have no idea why this is not working anymore as it shouldn't affect the site.

    The current effect is that it is loading the main site if I click on any of the tutorial links instead of loading the content in the middle (The site can be seen at: Thanks for your help!
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    1,337 is loading fine and I am able to visit the other pages of the website. Can you please tell us how to duplicate the issue?

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    Does this work?
    PHP Code:
    include ("./" . ($page==""?$default:$page) . ".php"); 

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    the problem is your script works if register global is on

    if($page == "") <-- this is the problem

    it should be $_GET['page'] if this is a get method, or $_POST['page'] for post.

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