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    appraisal please ..

    hello every body
    am about to sell one of my best domains

    i just want to have your opinions about the name
    please give me an average to the price

    Min $$, Max $$
    Domain registered since 1998

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    it is more like mid-high $xx,xxx
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    I saw a real premium domain offered for $10,000 just recently. Anything higher might never happen.
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    BurakUeda: thanks for your appraisal
    stu2: premium NL may pass this value so faar if an end user interest with
    but i don't think any one there will pass 30K

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    We've numbers and bucks fly above our heads so nothing is certain
    If you find the right buyer then you're lucky
    However i would say that can be low $xx,xxx

    It will be good if the 9m worth 9m(illion)
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    It's useless to talk about end-user pricing if there is no end-user looking to buy the domain, imho. Then it's just speculation (gambling).
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