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    Web-Based MMORPG

    okay i know this sounds like a similar request as others have made but i'm looking for a site that MAKES PHP rpg games. I've been to a site that sells just the BASIC gaming script and sold it for arond 120 dollars. but i can't remember the site name.

    If you know this site or can make a basic script(and show me a demo of what it is) PLEASE send me a email at

    [email protected]

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    I believe there were few users selling online based mmorpg scripts here on WHT, just post a request or search around the other offers section. Also you should try searching on and google.

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    Google is always welcome in your case I think.

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    i tried searching on google, but i couldn't find anything. I remember it had a black background and they accepted paypal but that's about all i can remember that was over a year ago...any suggestions on what i should put at google?

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    hmm.. a good old free one is

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    This seems better in the Programming Forum

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    search on or - there is a open source browser game.

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