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    odbc - dsn question

    Does anyone know of any good sources of easy to read introductionary information on using ODBC/DSN, or can explain to me basically how it works? (I have both Windows 2000 and RAQ 4 servers).


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    What do you need to know?

    ODBC is a means of interfacing between programs/scripts (eg ASP scripts) and databases (eg MS Access).

    A DSN (data source name) is basically an ODBC connection string which is stored in the Windows registry -- it means you can refer to a database connection in a bunch of ASP scripts (for example) using a name rather than a full connection string.

    You set up a DSN using the Data Sources (ODBC) tool under Administrative Tools on your Start menu under Windows 2000. It's self-explanatory.
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    interesting article that may help

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