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    Windows Control Panel

    Hi ,

    I'm new here - I have linux servers and I use Cpanel ( the obvious choice) but now I'm intended to get windows servers as well ; I want to know which panel should i go for , I want reliable and low cost control panel.

    So far I have tried demos of Helm , Pleask , hosting controller, I have not found any major difference among them , Helm and Pleask is bit costly but HostingController is low priced among all ; how you categorized all these. Please guide me better panel for windows.

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    Personally I would stay away from Plesk as there change management is appaulling and their support non-sense.

    Helm is starting to show promise with 4 and I think this is still on sale.

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    Go for HELM and you will see that the customer are happy with the control panel interface and friendly as well
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    I've never had a problem with SW-Soft Management nor there support. It's also become better in recent months.

    Personally I prefer and will continue to offer Plesk as it is a feature rich control panel along with having excellent stability.

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    This is not a solution you should try to do in a day. We spent a year looking at all the control panels before we decided on which one to use. You're really going to want to spend some time and get familiar with them all not only from an admin perspective but a customer/end user perspective as well.

    I would try to find a control panel that allows you to grow out of the single box hosting company paradigm where everything is done on one server. As you grow you're going to want to split your services out across multiple servers and be able to scale.

    The big windows CPs these days are Plesk, HELM, DotNetPanel, Hosting Controller, Hsphere and there's 2 or 3 others I'm missing here.

    Plesk I believe has the most features to date of any of the control panels and we find people or love it or hate it. If I were deploying a dedicated server, I would opt for Plesk because it has the features that I would want as an admin. We're gold partners and have a direct customer vendor relationship so support has not been an issue for us. It's not perfect but they've definitely saved the bacon a time or two. I would say best windows control panel online today for a dedicated server or VPS server based on all of the included features. But that's from an admin's perspective the average joe may find it too confusing and that's strictly my opinion. If you're doing hosted VPS it's more than likely going to be VZ and the integration of suite of management tools goes unrivaled.

    Helm. Helm 3 is perceived as too mickey mouse for most because of the big goofy icons. But this is deceptive, if you get in and use it you'll quickly find it's not mickey mouse but quite powerful. The available 3rd party add-ons make it even more powerful and some of the customized versions of helm out there are quite powerful (our own included). Helm is the top contender. Helm 4 is still quite new but the feature-set rivals that of Plesk and with time as it is matured will be on par if not slightly ahead.

    DotNetPanel I haven't honestly used it but hear many good things about it.

    Hosting Controller. One of the first control panels commercially available for windows. It's got alot of features and competes well. We stopped using it several years ago as development had stalled for a while. It's grown up quite nicely though.

    Ensim. I think the past couple years Ensim lost focus on the market and the customer but has come back into line and will continue to develop. I haven't used the newer versions unfortunately so I can't comment on them. This is again personal opinions here.

    Hsphere. The nice thing here is that they have a very affordable exchange hosting module, have integrated windows and linux and reasonable licensing costs. It's really a complete hosting company in a box solution. Aside from toying with the exchange feature I haven't touched it.

    I know there's a lot of info in here and I know many will say "no this cp is crap, that cp is good, etc". It all depends on what you need and are looking for. This is why I recommend you really try a couple of them and see what you.

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    I can't speak for Plesk directly, but we use another Swsoft product - PEM - which we are extremely happy with, and their support is outstanding..

    We are currently considering adding VPS hosting to our service offerings, and we would only offer Plesk as the end user control panel. I think the company ( swsoft ) in general has a good grasp of the industry, and they provide great support as well..
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    Hit the forums of all the major CP's

    Dot Net Panel
    Host Controller

    and see what existing clients are saying also.

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    Thanks alot guys for your precious comments and suggestions ; at the end every one of you will contribute in making my decision for the prosperity of my besiness , I really apreciate all of you. As appliedi said its not easy to decide quickly which panel one should go for ; now I'm trying all of them to get satisfy and will definitly go for one in a month or so.

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    One of the main problems with Plesk is that it won't recognize many of the changes we make directly via windows, whereas Helm recognize it most of the times.

    Anyway, Plesk is more cute-looking than Helm

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    Wow, I was going to post a thread just now on Windows Control panels to get some ideas... Anyways, I just looked at Helm which is nice but I found it offers the billing bundle. I use Modernbill. Is there a way to turn off the billing feature in Helm?

  11. Yes you can.

    Helm comes with it's own and pretty powerful new billing system but you can also choose to use an external billing system such as modenbill too if you prefer.
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    Helm - we are very happy with their control panel and features

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