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    Easycgi or Rackforce ????

    Which of the two is gud one to choose with

    Easycgi :: 1:


    Rackforce :: 2:

    These are both windows servers


    Easycgi ::

    Rackforce: dds200-W::

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    Easycgi's website doesn't seem to make sense. They have an Order Now button with the Dedicated X2 with a price of $55 yet on the next page of the order screen the X2 is $69 and the lower server is at the $55 price.

    Other than that, the only difference I see is Easycgi uses Virtuozzo and Rackforce uses MS Virtual Server
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    I think that RackForce would be the better option,

    im still trying to figure out Easycgi's strange pricing
    once price on one page and a different on the other
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