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    Something similar to reseller's panel


    I recently joined the resellers panel and everything was awsome. Sadly, they do not allow your clients to purchase montly plans. Can anyone suggest something similar? (Free reseller plans, the free size design isn't required). Pros and Cons about these other sites would be awsome.


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    Edit - Preferbly something with more anoymity when payments are made. RP has their address bellow and when payment through paypal are made, they are made to LiquidNet Ltd.

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    You might want to try something that is a bit less restrictive. As in a host that just gives you space, bandwidth and the ability to have your client's get their own accounts from plans that you create.

    This is a little more advanced but you would have the ability to sell your own plans, you would however have to pick a billing and support system. Searching a bit on this forum you will find some good ones to use.

    Examples of some hosts that you would be looking for are Hostgator and

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